Serrapeptase: A Super Enzyme

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 3.02.17 PMSerrapeptase has many positive results in the human body with no reported side-effects. Throughout Europe and Asia, it has been the medicine of choice by their medical establishment for a varied of conditions for over thirty years. In the United States, Serrapeptase is considered a dietary supplement.

This proteolytic enzyme breaks down proteins. Found in the intestines of silkworms, its role in nature is to dissolve a hole in the tough cocoon to free the butterfly. The cocoon is as hard as a rock, but this enzyme easily dissolves the protein. Click here for more details.

Research has shown that Serrapeptase is a strong anti-inflammatory supplement. It has proven beneficial for arthritis sufferers. It has the ability to digest non-living tissue in the human body including blood clots and cysts. For ordering details, go to

Dr. Nieper, a research physician, from Hanover, Germany was the first advocate the use of Serrapeptase for the removal of fibrous blockages in the coronary arteries of his patients. He also administered this enzyme to patients with severe narrowing of the carotid arteries. The results were excellent as well as life-saving. A remarkable feature of Serrapeptase is that it only affects non-living tissue. Visit serrapeptase facebook page to see what others have to say.

Mother Nature Provides A Cure-Serrapeptase

serrapeptaseLike all good mothers, Mother Nature has provided some wonderful natural health cures for her children. One miracle enzyme is Serrapeptase. This enzyme is a well known active cure from mother nature. Unfortunately, it is not universally recognized by the medical industry because large amounts of money cannot be made from a natural product.

The benefits of Serrapeptase was recognized about forty years ago by a German research medical doctor in his efforts to improve the blocked arteries of his cardiac patients. He looked at the obvious. The silkworm dissolves its tough cocoon so that the butterfly can emerge. Dr. Neiper realized that the silkworm produced an enzyme that was responsible for dissolving the cocoon. For testing purposes, Dr. Neiper administered it to his patients with blocked arteries. Within a few days, the arterial plaque simply disappeared. Further research has shown Serrapeptase to be effective will all forms of inflammation. Everything from cysts to scar tissue can be helped by taking Serrapeptase. More and more evidence is mounting about the effectiveness of this natural cure.